Family Research

I have only been able to find one, close, relative who was killed in action in The Great War.

Richard Ernest Bolton, husband of my Great Aunt

Many others served, including 7 Brothers of my Maternal Grand Mother, all of whom survived.

Samuel Helme, WW1.

The Second World War was to prove a devastating conflict for the family:

My Maternal Grandfather, Oliver Marsden Roscoe was severely wounded at Tobruk in December 1941 and was, as a result, Medically Discharged.

On the Paternal side, it was much worse!

My Grandmother lost 2 of her Brothers, Eric, 30 August 1940 and Lionel, 5 November 1940, her Brother-in-Law, Samuel, 1 June 1940, and her Husband, Samuel, 18 June 1944.

Kitty Palmer (nee Clark) on right, with her Mother, Clara Elizabeth Alice Clark (nee Elderton), Lionel, Madge Lewis (nee Clark) and Eric.

Eric Henry Clark
Lionel Elderton Clark
Samuel Snell Lewis
Samuel Oliver Alec Palmer