Eric Henry Clark, Merchant Navy. S.S. Mill Hill, 30 August 1940.

Eric Henry Clark, Cabin Boy, Merchant Navy. Eric was born in Narberth in 1922 the son of Robert Charles Clark and Clara Elizabeth Elderton Clark. Eric was educated at Greenhill School, before joining the Merchant Navy and served aboard S.S. Mill Hill, a Newcastle-on-Tyne registered cargo vessel.

On 16 August 1940 Mill Hill left Halifax, Nova Scotia as a member of Convoy HX-66A laden with pig iron and scrap steel, bound for Middleborough. Early in the morning of 30 August 1940, she was 58 miles off Cape Wrath to the north of Scotland, when she was torpedoed by the German Submarine U-32, sinking within a few minutes with the loss of all hands. Eric was just 18 years old when he died that day and is commemorated alongside his fellow crew-members on the Tower Hill Memorial, London.

Ships hit by U-32 during this patrol

DateU-boatCommanderName of shipTonsNat.Convoy
30 Aug 1940U-32Hans JenischMill Hill4,318Brit HX-66A
30 Aug 1940U-32Hans JenischChelsea4,804Brit HX-66A
30 Aug 1940U-32Hans Jenisch Norne3,971Nor HX-66A
Between 02.20 and 02.48 hours on 30 Aug 1940, U-32 attacked convoy HX-66A 58 miles west-northwest of Cape Wrath and sank the Mill HillChelsea and Norne and missed a fourth ship. At 02.20 hours, the Mill Hill (Master Robert Du Buisson) was hit in the stern by one torpedo and sank with a heavy list in a few minutes. The master and 33 crew members were lost.

On 1st. June 1940 he had lost his Brother-law, Samuel Snell Lewis, who was killed off Dunkirk when HMT Argyllshire was torpedoed and sunk by Schnellboot E34. His elder brother Lionel Elderton Clark was to die on 5 November 1940 when HMS Jervis Bay was sunk by the Pocket Battleship, Admiral Scheer.