There is a definite link between the Gray Family and the Memorial, we know that Nick Gray was a good friend of Basil Maclear and based on anecdotal reports, it was he and the Pickstone Family who started the public subscription for the Memorial.

The connection between the Memorial and Groot Drakenstein Games Club is one which is clear when one considers that Nick Gray was part of the original club (pre-WW1) and helped clear the ground gifted by the Pickstone Family in 1921 (see Club history in the link below). Pre-WW1 the club played Cricket and Hockey – were all ten named members of the Club???

It is believed that it would have been possible to see the Cricket pitch from where the Memorial originally stood (prior to the development of R45 Road). Nick Gray was Chairman of the Club 1940 to 1942 and then again in 1949. He was President of the club 1952 to 1956.

The Gray Family are buried at St. Georges Church, Solms Delta.

Nick Gray served in the Anglo/Boer War with Field Intelligence,  20 August 1900 to 28 February 1901, earning the Queens South Africa Medal with clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State and South Africa 1901. He resigned his commission due to ill health.

Nick Browse Gray had 2 sons and a daughter. His sons both served in WW2. One was killed with the Pretoria Regiment in Italy and the other was wounded in action (Regiment unknown).

Memorial to JAMES DE VILLIERS BROWSE GRAY, St Georges Church
Nicholas Browse Gray his son, Douglas Wagner Gray and his Daughter Anna Sybella Louise Schelpe.

Nicholas Browse Gray (owner Plasir De Merle 1943), 19/8/1875 to 13/12/1956.

Johanna Jocoba Gray (Nee De Villiers), 3/1/1875 to 1/11/1958.

JAMES DE VILLIERS BROWSE GRAY, 12/3/1912 to 30/06/1944

Douglas Wagner Gray (Unionist MP in 1950’s) 1/12/1913 to 15/1/1993.

Anna Sybella Louise Schelpe (Nee Gray) 13/12/1917 to 16/11/2001